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Gymfinity Indoor Gym on Google 'See Inside'!

We're happy to announce a fresh Google 'See Inside' tour of the family-friendly, fun packed, Gymfinity Indoor Gym, located on Madison's West Side.

"Gymfinity started as a gymnastics only club but has EVOLVED into the multi-sport venue we have today. We started our program in 1999 as a home for competitive gymnastics. Since then we have refined and revised our programs every year under our personal philosophy of Constant and Never Ending Improvement.

Gymfinity is Dane County's most modern, safe, and fun place for kids to find fitness, gymnastics, and trampoline. Our experienced and safety certified instructors offer progressive programs to children newly walking to 18 years old. Participation in sports like gymnastics promote strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, poise, and self confidence. Our program allows each child to have fun and make new friends while attaining a higher standard in motor skill development. This establishes a solid base upon which success in any sport can be built."

Learn more about this awesome gym by visiting their website, here!

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