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Product Photography Services

Isthmus Media Group provides full-service product photography and image editing services. If your images aren't currently of first-rate quality, this will drastically impact the way customers perceive your overall brand. 


We use state-of-the-art digital equipment and retouching software that gives a high-end polished result, allowing you to compete head-on with larger competitors.

  • Apparel

  • Art & Crafts

  • Art Reproduction

  • Musical Instruments

  • Printed Media

  • Packaging Material

  • Branded Merchandise

  • Coins & Collectibles

  • Electronics

  • Detailed & Scale Shots

  • Jewelry

  • Clothing



We offer both on-site and mail-order photography services for products and any type of still life subjects. We will digitally clean up, create clipping paths, and composite the photos as per your requirements (additional fees apply). Perspective distortions, accurate white balance, sharpness, and dust/scuffs/blemish removal are all included in the standard rate. These are all a part of our proprietary image editing process,  which applies to each image. 


Fill out an online quote request or call, and we will discuss shipping, pickup, or on-site shoot details for the product/s for which you need professional images. We always carry liability coverage and are fully insured. More here.



We keep our pricing structure simple and affordable. Our basic services are priced according to the quantity you order. Prices are subject to vary based on a few factors (ie. jewelry vs. a large painting), and future repeat business.

1 - 9



10 - 24





25 - 49



50 - 99



100 +



Finished high-resolution photos are delivered in 3-5 business days via a secure download link and DVD (if requested). Pricing includes labor costs for product arrangement, photography, photo cleanup, and upload/delivery. An interactive, password-protected gallery can be provided if requested, as well as standard re-sizing for sites like Amazon or eBay.


100% satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not completely satisfied with your photos and you believe there's nothing we can do to fix it, we'll refund your payment and all you need to pay for is the return shipping.


End-user terms, conditions, and usage rights are provided via contract and agreed upon by both parties.

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