Aerial Photography Services

We capture your home, business, or land from up to 400-feet above-ground - presenting your property in its full expanse from multiple angles and heights. All photos are professionally edited to meet our quality standards, as seen below.


Drone aerial photography is a unique and ideal approach to market your property listing - such as showing recent landscaping, surrounding topographic features (ie. lakes, parks, hills, communities), seasonal changes, updating marketing material, and more!


Each aerial photo provides a clear and full view of your property in the perfect light, which is ideal for sales, construction, or as a powerful display memento.

Captivating views of landscapes, stadiums, topography, farms, and other locations are also available.  For a beautiful, full photograph of your home or business from the best possible view, schedule a session online or over the phone!

Need video? We offer that as well. Click here for examples & more info!



Following our initial discussion of capture goals, logistics, and weather - the flight and photography will be scheduled. If additional ground-based photos are required, they can be taken on the same site visit, or a later date.


Weather conditions are of utmost priority for safe and legal flights. Ideally, flying near the "golden hour" of sunrise/sunset produces ideal shadows, and the use of Google Earth to visualize property shadows is included as well.

Please note that areas with drone (UAV) restrictions exist, which may limit the extent of capture, in addition to weather conditions.



Standard aerial photography starts at $125 per location, and requires ~45 minutes on-site. Aerial video is also available for an additional rate. Just ask! Learn more here.


We can  present you with a fixed project price proposal, or a construction progress project with aerial photos documenting the process for investors/owners, contract performance obligations, project planning, pre-opening promotions, etc.

Pricing does vary based on long-term online-term commercial marketing business shoots, vs. a one-time real-estate shoot.



Each photograph is post-processed for ideal clarity, sharpness, color balance, and visual appeal. 


We provide ~35 high-resolution files per location, available for download via DropBox, and deliverable on DVD by request. Finished, physical prints are available on request, and all processed work is fully guaranteed.


We're fully insured to $1m, and assume complete liability at each job site for both ground photography and drone operation.

Personalized Aerial Photography Solutions 
  • Commercial / Business Locations

  • Realty & Residential Properties

  • Construction Sites & Progress

  • Engineering

  • Roofing Projects

  • Retail Centers

  • Houses of Worship

  • Development Projects

  • Industrial Development

  • Golf Courses

  • Hunting Parcels

  • Farm & Crop Land

  • Culture & Campus

  • Scenic Landscapes

  • Transport Infrastructure

  • Survey Photography

  • Parks & Neighborhoods

  • Lakefront Properties

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