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Timelapse of R/E Photo Editing

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I often tell clients that what may take an hour on-site for principal photography - I always spend at least two hours in post-processing to make all color corrections, fix chromatic aberrations, perspective and lens distortions, blend multiple exposures, hue/saturation/contrast/clarity, and correct color balances to fix differences in outdoor (blue) light, mixing with indoor incandescent (orange/yellow) light, or fluorescent (green) light, as well as editing in blue skies, if overcast for the exterior images. Also, things like flash reflections on windows or in mirrors must be removed, as well as dog or kids toys in the yard, or any other blemishes.

This 4:16min video is sped up 2,500x and encompasses 1:50hr of editing time of a standard 40-50 image property shoot. It's a process that results in consistent and high-quality professional images and has been honed and developed for over 4,500 homes and businesses photographed in the past 8 years.

View the video on YouTube, here:

We produce stand-out images regardless of the season. All photos are processed to correct perspective & lens distortion, color temperature, sharpness, and clarity. We use professional lenses, tripods, lighting, and panoramic equipment for each shoot.

Please browse our website to learn more about additional services, such as twilight photos, digital floor plan measurements, virtual tours, and aerial/drone video and photography!





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