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Announcing non-Google Virtual Tours

Let's face it, the Google empire is too large to make fast changes and absorb customer feedback in a quick time-frame, despite their amazing array of products and technology.

There are many 3rd party options for the production, publishing, and hosting of interactive 360-degree virtual tours, and it's nice to have found a great new service for providing tours for any sort of project.

This could be literally be anything from a golf course, a ski slope, a lake, residential properties, construction sites, your kids bedroom, your parents home for memory keepsake, or your favorite hiking trail. The possibilities are endless!

The best part is that unlike Google, you can brand each tour with hot-spots for things like menu's, YouTube videos, links to your website, your logo and information, audio, auto-panning, and more.

Learn more and view two examples of this service at the following link.


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