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Glo-Pro Fishing Lure Shoot on Lake Pewaukee

Glo-Pro Lures, LLC has been a long time client of IMG, and we had a fun product shoot out on Lake Pewaukee, outside of Milwaukee. We took out two fishing boats, and were testing a few new soft bait products near the shallow shoreline grass and weeds.

I was paired up with a professional fisherman on one boat, and he caught around 8-10 large bass over the course of two hours! Let me be mentioned that I failed to get a single bite when I wasn’t capturing him landing another catch! The images have subsequently been published in print, online, and on social media.

GloPro - Fishing Trip - 4.jpg

GloPro - Fishing Trip - 7.jpg
GloPro - Fishing Trip - 6.jpg
GloPro - Fishing Trip - 5.jpg
GloPro - Fishing Trip - 2.jpg

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