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Why You Need Pro Real Estate Photography

Let's face it. Not everyone has an artistic eye, the proper equipment and/or the post-production techniques to provide professional photography of residential and commercial properties. We're not talking iPhones and compact cameras here!

Take one look at your local MLS listings in print or online - and this is clearly evident.

Real estate agents, brokers, and realtor's need to realize the initial impact that a "first glance" impression leaves on their next lead. Study after study has proven the importance of reeling in prospective clients with eye-catching content at first glance - and the real estate market in general seems to be a 50/50 mix of this issue.

Here's a small collage of real estate work offered by Isthmus Media Group

Professional Photography Examples

Below is a gallery of 15 photos, all of which are currently on the public MLS and FSBO listings in Southern Wisconsin. The clear trend of poor quality, lighting, and staging - says something about the seriousness of the sellers and/or professionals attempting to move these properties.

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