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Step Into the Essen Haus!

Madison has a history cholk full of German immigrants, and fittingly - we have a large selection of German restaurants and pubs in the city.

One of more famous is the Essen Haus Restaurant and Bar, located at 514 E. Wilson Street in downtown Madison. They offer live polka music, a long list of imported beers, and a hearty German fare - oh, and of course Lederhosen and Dirndl dress-codes!

The Essen Haus hosts two separate areas for private parties and events, as well as an outdoor patio and seating area which are a popular spot year-around.

Staging of the various areas in preparation of shooting the Google virtual tour was a fun process, and everyone was happy with how they turned out! Check out the tour at the link below, and if you're in the area - pay them a visit!

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