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Continued Success with Glo-Pro Lures

Isthmus Media Group has been producing the marketing and advertising materials for Glo-Pro Lures, and recently had the opportunity to tag along for a trial run of their new product on Lake Michigan. Though foggy, damp and cold - we consistently caught brown trout ranging from 12" - 20" with this innovative new lure, which is entirely made in Wisconsin.

GP1 - Illuminated.jpg

GP1 - Minnow

Designed and developed by an avid fisherman and U.S. Army Veteran, Glo-Pro Lures™ was created for one purpose – to catch more fish. The owner and founder, Patrick McManigal has been fishing his hometown lake, Lake Michigan, as well as locations in northern Wisconsin and Canada for years using improvised glow baits. In just 10-feet of water nearly 60% of visible light is absorbed, which is why the products excel at attracting fish.

Some fish that are attracted by this light are swordfish, tuna, bass, salmon, walleye and panfish. Glo-Pro Lures™ recently patented and released the versatile GP-1 & GP-2 lures along with an innovative line of custom designed soft baits that are infused with Glo-Sticks. With a variety of colored Glo-Stick options to choose from, you will increase your strike zone with illumination and stay in the zone with Adjustable Depth Control (ADC). Made in USA.

IMG - Glo-Pro - Milwaukee - 02.jpg
IMG - Glo-Pro - Milwaukee - 07.jpg
IMG - Glo-Pro - Milwaukee - 13.jpg
IMG - Glo-Pro - Milwaukee - 09.jpg
IMG - Glo-Pro - Milwaukee - 03.jpg
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