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Below is a small series of photos taken in 2014 and 2020 on various road trips, work trips, and in otherwise bliss environments. While these don't necessarily represent the commercial work I produce, I thought it fit to publish a gallery of personal work to this site, and encourage any visitors to explore and love the outdoors - with or without a camera in tow. 
You can view a categorized album of photos for purchase in multiple formats, here, which is a large collection of nature and landscape photography from across the United States, and offer the opportunity to purchase high-quality prints and various other mediums.
You can view these constantly changing galleries here!
Jonah Westrich Self Portrait
If you would like to purchase a print for yourself, or the rights to any image (exclusive or non-exclusive), please shoot me an email at or via my contact page, here.
Get outdoors, travel, and explore! Thanks for checking these out =)
- Jonah W.


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