Google Business View - Interactive Virtual Tours

If you've ever need directions to walk, drive, or commute anywhere, chances are you've used Google Maps and Google Street View. Since it's launch in 2005, Google Maps has become the de facto map service that users around the world go to for all their mapping needs. Over 1.1 billion people search online using Google, and was recorded as the most-used smartphone app of 2015, employed by 54% of smartphone users.


For business owners looking to improve and maintain their search ranking online, it is important to note that 20% of Google searches are for local information, which means over 200 million searches per day are for local information. This is a huge opportunity for businesses - this is a huge opportunity to increase your credibility on Google, visibility, and most importantly customer experience by taking advantage of Google's latest business technology: Google Business View.

How does one's business stand out from the crowd?

By changing the way customers interact with it


What is Google Business View?


Google Business View has taken the Google Street View experience and brought it indoors for business establishments. You will get to work alongside a Google trained and qualified photographer to create professional, high-quality 360° panoramic photos of your business, which will be implemented online across various Google platforms including Google+, Google Maps, and Google Search, in turn increasing your credibility, visibility and ranking online.

Why should I increase my rankings online?

We live in a fast-paced and visually-dense world, which can make it a challenge for business owners competing against others. That is why it is imperative for business owners to know which marketing products are the right solution for them. We don't want to waste your time, we want you to be as successful as possible. We believe in investing the right time and money into the right thing - especially when it comes to marketing your business.


With Google Business View, you won't have to invest much time or money, but will certainly reap the rewards. My role as a Google Photographer means that pretty much everything will be taken care of for you. I will explain the process, do the photo shoot, stitch the photos together, fine-tune the details, and upload it to all Google platforms. Then you're live! Your business will have a new addition under its belt - providing customers with a whole new level of interaction that makes you stand out from other competitors, gains further visibility on Google Maps, and enhances your credibility and ranking online.

Click, drag, and zoom to move around this Business View example:


Google your business

What do you see when you Google your business? Your name on the top search results? A map on the top right with a pin of your location? The name of your business, address, phone, and hours of operation? Or perhaps none of these? Imagine your business with all of these items, but enhanced with Google Business View and 10-15 profession photos to show people what your business has to offer virtually on the inside. Isthmus Media Group will work exclusively with you and your business to provide this innovative experience. And with the just the click of a button, customers can now "See Inside".

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Fitness Studio



How does it benefit me
a business owner?

  • Cutting-edge: Be on the forefront with leading online-technology backed by one of the world's largest companies

  • Unique: Showcase your business and what it has to offer, giving your customers a whole new meaning to the term: customer experience

  • Popularity: Gain further credibility on Google's Search Engine and stand out from the competition

  • Visibility: Not only will your business show up on Google Search, but will also be integrated into several other Google platforms such as Google+, Google Maps, and Google Local

How does it benefit

my customers?

  • User: Give customers a glimpse into what it would be like to visit your store on a normal day, from the sidewalk to the back wall

  • Interactivity: Allow customers to interact with your store. Whether it's to view a product display, learn the interior navigation better, or to showcase certain features, the possibilities are endless and all up to you

  • Credibility: Gain trust and credibility by sharing your world with your customers

  • Convenience: Provide a user-friendly service from the comfort of your customers' computers, mobile phones, and tablets

It's simple, fast and affordable

Marketing products can come at an expense, both time and money-wise. As a Google Photographer, my goal is to eliminate that as much as possible. Below is a brief summary of how the process works:

  1. Schedule: We will schedule a time and date for your photo shoot that works around your business operation.

  2. Photograph: I will arrive on the day of your photo shoot prepared with all the necessary equipment needed to do the shoot. All you need to worry about is making sure your business is exactly how you want it to look, and to make sure any employees and customers are made aware of a photo shoot taking place.

  3. Develop: After the photo shoot is complete, I will put everything together for you - from image stitching, enhancing, to blurring out any unwanted images (i.e. faces, prices, etc.).

  4. Go live: Your photo shoot will be uploaded to your Google+ local page, where it will appear live and ready for viewing pleasure.

Once your tour goes live, you and your customers can view it on several Google platforms from anywhere, anytime! Customers will be able to view the inside of your business from their computer, mobile, or tablet with zero limitations due to it's wide range of network support on Windows, Apple, Android, and Smartphone systems.

Each business requires a process of 'steps' as illustrated below. Red dots are required for connection to Google Street View.

Cost varies based on tour complexity and number of required 'steps'.

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